About Studio LID

Founded in Marrakech by Mohamed Bencherif Lamdaghri, Moulay Sherif Lamdaghri & Moulay Ismail Lamdaghri. Studio LID is one of the oldest carpet manufacturers in Morocco.

Today the company is run by Moulay Ismael Lamdaghri, El Yazid Lamdaghri, Rachid Lamdaghri and Moulay Larbi Lamdaghri keeping the family name of Lamdaghri synonym with Morrocan carpets and Berber textiles. Working closely with more than 200 rural artisan weavers, Studio LID is specialized in the design of tribal rugs and are selling them worldwide.

Recognizing the importance of promotion outside of Morocco, Studio LID takes part in international exhibitions such as “Domotex” in Hanover – considered the world’s largest trade fair for carpets, “Hali Fair” in London and also Maison&Objet in Paris Tribal rugs made or collected by Studio LID have been exhibited in several museums in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and even the United States – demonstrating the beauty and richness of Moroccan rugs.